2 shaku 6 sun

The girth is 130 mm. Made without ji (plaster).

One time I went bamboo digging and couldn't find any bamboo I really liked. It grew dark and I was about to give up, whereupon my wife tossed a leaf into the air. When it landed, the narrow end was pointing in the direction of this beautiful bamboo. I named the instrument "Leaf Spirit", and it is the instrument I use most often when playing honkyoku.
This is the natural curve of the bamboo. I did not heat or bend it.
This is a natural ikigaeshi ("breath-return"). I left a rim of the joint intact at the mouthpiece. The rim has a smaller circumference than the wall of the bamboo directly below. The ikigaeshi is more often seen in antique intruments.
The bore is naturally large, so the hole at the bottom ended up with a large diameter.
The mark "Youshin" or"Leaf Spirit"
You can see the remains of the joints when you look inside.

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