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Playing Shakuhachi

Let me introduce myself:

  • Born in Kobe, Japan
  • Studied shakuhachi making with Chikusen Tamai in Osaka
  • Shakuhachi student of Katsuya Yokoyama
  • Passed NHK broadcast audition for Japanese music
  • Graduated 27th term NHK Japanese music training program for performing artists
  • As a member of Pro Musica Nipponia, performed with the Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzip, Germany. Also performed in France, Belgium, and South Korea
  • Has performed in the USA and in Canada under the sponsorship of the Japan Foundation
  • Presently a member of ORA-J, Japanese ensemble of Orchestra Asia. Ongoing performances in China, South Korea, and Japan(ORA-J Concert Series)
  • Solo recitals in Tokyo, performances at Wesleyan University, Trinity College, Teikyo-Post U.(all CT,USA)
  • Main interest is shakuhachi honkyoku, solo works for shakuhachi developed by komuso (wandering monks). Professional work also includes broadcasting, theater, and recording,

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