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LINKS URL My relationship to each:
Orchestra Asia "Japan Ensemble" I am presently a member of this group. There are lots of young members and their energy is contagious.
Pro Musica Nipponia I used to be a member of this group. I have many good friends and mentors here.
Shakuhachi and Transverse Flute Resource Site
Cloud Hands Music  presents hand crafted shakuhachi flutes and transverse bamboo flutes along with CDs of traditional Japanese music and world music performed on the shakuhachi and transverse flute.
Chen Family Taijiquan Association I have been studying traditional Taijiquan ( Xiao jia) with Master Peishan Chen since 1993. It's really difficult, but I find it has positively affected my shakuhachi playing.
Tokorozawa Dioxin Report

It has been two years since dioxin pollution from a heavy concentration of industrial waste incinerators in the Tokorozawa area first made national headlines.  Citizens in the area have been protesting to local, prefectural, and national governments for seven years. Despite this, nothing has changed. The smokestacks remain, spewing smoke into the sky day after day, and the horizon is continually stained with the ink-black smudges of open burning.  Dioxin, perilous to the health: how much does the smoke contain?  How will exposure affect our children?"

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